Streetlight Services

Utility Bill True-up


Utility bills are often based on inaccurate inventory records.  Our GIS audit process is able to not only identify inaccurate records by pole, but also calculate per the CPUC utility bill refund policy highly accurate refunds due municipal clients.

We provide our municipal clients the forensic data by light pole to defend the refund request for the following conditions:


  • Phantom Poles – poles that are still being billed but taken out of service
  • FLFEs (Free Lights For Everyone) – poles that are in service but not on billing records
  • Wrong Boundaries – Poles that belong to either the County or an adjacent city
  • Mismatched Wattages – lights that are billed at one wattage tariff rate
  • Distribution Poles – For SCE customers, poles owned by the utility that will not be available for sale

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