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Southern has been a market leader in delivering turnkey solutions to municipal, educational and commercial clients for more than 40 years.  Having designed and built one of the first city-wide LED streetlight systems for the City of Chula Vista in 2011, we have pioneered many industry firsts, including:


  • GPS Audits -- Utilization of GPS Mapping Systems to audit and build an accurate map-based database of entire city systems, reconciling records between cities and local utilities


  • Advanced Lighting Control Research – Organized and participated in the research and evaluation of multiple lighting control manufacturers to understand the technical and financial impact of emerging dimming technologies.  Brought together San Diego Gas & Electric, The cities of Can Diego and Chula Vista and the California Lighting Technology Center to conduct this study.


  • Adaptive Controls -- Pioneered the design, installation and commissioning of advanced adaptive controls for municipal environments, with more  than 10,000 commissioned lighting control points


  • New Streetlight Tariff Design and Implementation – Worked closely with local municipalities and San Diego Gas & Electric to identify, develop and file one of the first-ever individually metered streetlight tariffs in the United States.  This provides the framework for cities to freely build s smart city technology communications backbone to not only control lights, but deliver advanced solutions including small cells, parking systems and emergency traffic routing.

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