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Southern Contracting is a recognized national thought leader on the design and deployment of Smart Streetlight Networks and emerging smart city technologies.  We have designed and commissioned numerous “first generation” systems within the cities of Chula Vista,  Carlsbad, San Diego and Oceanside.  Early it became apparent to Southern the strategic value of the Rights-Of-Way where streetlights reside.  We have proactively helped create the Smart Streetlight marketplace meeting formally with companies including General Electric, Qualcomm, Acuity, Philips, Sensity, Anycomm, and Intel, educating them on this exciting smart city future.  Today, we work closely with cities and municipal agencies in developing their Smart City plans around this Smart Streetlight future.  We are helping investigate and develop technical designs around the latest advances in small cell technology, public Wi-Fi, Smart Metering integration (water, electricity and gas), and new e-commerce models to be built atop the idea of Smart Streetlights.


Please read this link for the City of San Diego.  This White Paper was published by Southern Contracting describing this future for the City of San Diego.  San Diego has since gone on to adopt this strategy and is fast becoming one of the leading Smart Cities across the globe, built around Smart Streetlights.

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