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Founded in 1963 Southern’s first project was for the installation of Dry Utility and Electrical Distribution System for one of the first housing subdivisions in Rancho Bernardo, California. By the late 1960’s, Southern Contracting diversified into sewage treatment plants and water pumping stations. With the seventy’s approaching, Southern rode the crest of the housing boom installing underground subdivision utilities.  This opened the door for Southern to partner with San Diego Gas and Electric and other utilities providing qualified electricians and equipment, leading to Outside Line Construction.


In early 1976, Southern Contracting was approached to participate in a new concept called Design and Build (“Turnkey”) with Kaiser Aetna Company. Southern was awarded a Camp Pendleton-based project, completing 800 living units.   By the late 1970’s Southern expanded into industrial work, assisting Union Oil to build a sophisticated pilot 10 mW Geothermal Plant. Southern’s success was measured by a repeat sole-source contract of a second 10 mW plant at the Salton Sea.


In early 1980, founder Richard W. McBride was instrumental in getting Senate Bill 48 signed into Law. This Bill empowered Developer/Builders with a tool called “Applicant Installation.” Once controlled by the utilities, SB 48 gave the developer complete control over the installation and scheduling of the underground and overhead utilities.

  By the mid 1980’s, as the Navy began retrofitting electrical infrastructure at military bases throughout the southwest United States, Southern seized the growth opportunity and was awarded projects on almost every base in San Diego and subsequently awarded additional contracts due to their high performance evaluations with the Navy.

In the early 1990’s, Southern Contracting expanded into Mexico and contracted with Samsung Corporation of Seoul, South Korea to build ten miles of 230Kv overhead power lines and a complete substation to supply their new 250,000SF monitor factory.


Throughout the 2000’s and throughout the Great Recession, Southern has continued to thrive, expanding its services into sustainability projects in support of the California Strategic Energy Plan.  We have installed numerous solar facilities, and have expanded our design-build ability to assist municipalities reduce their streetlight electrical bills by more than 50% by converting to the new LED light source.  We have helped our clients save more than $3 million annually in energy bills, while improving the quality of life and creating green jobs!

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