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Cities are investing in new LED light systems that are now projected to last 20 years or longer.  When a city decides to proceed it has one shot at getting it right so its citizens are happy with the results.   Too often municipal contracting plans to not look at the best solution, only the cheapest solution.  There is so much more than simply picking the cheapest luminaire in developing a design that will stand the test of time.  With the maturation of roadway LED luminaires cities now have choices with distribution patterns, light output, energy consumption, and color temperature.


We have found that luminaire manufacturers are not created equal   For example, when one considers low angle glare and how disruptive that can be to night vision, certain manufacturers stand above the rest.  We help cities find the “best value” solution, only relying on manufacturers recommendation for their best solution, then comparing recommendations by manufacturers to determine best value, balancing lighting performance with energy savings.


We then assist client prove manufacturer claims by conducting a test bed to evaluate and compare luminaires.  This is important as the state of technology is in constant change and what was true six months ago may not be true today.  And each city is different.  This step assures a real world evaluation is conducted before luminaire selection.

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