Streetlight Services

GIS Inventory Audits

Developed over years of implementing LED streetlight solutions for our municipal clients, we have perfected the GIS Inventory Audit.  Our system, built on the ESRI GIS/GPS Mapping platform, not only provides us the tools to accurately identify and characterize every streetlight within a city’s boundary, but also act as the overall project management and delivery platform, providing city staff with access to real-time project status.

We capture the following data:


  • Streetlight GPS location within one meter
  • Luminaire wattage
  • Pole configuration
  • Attachments, such as wi-fi and Tropos units
  • Warranty data
  • Technical spec. sheets
  • Google Street-view link by pole location
  • Burn Date
  • Utility-required information
  • Custom municipal customer requirements

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